Festival ActivitiesThe Children’s Clean Water Festival is an annual event open to schools in the Portland Metro area and is usually held in the spring on a college campus. Our goal is to teach children that they are capable of having real, long-lasting, positive impacts on water resources, and to equip them with the information they need to do that in a fun and engaging way.


Every 25 minutes, class groups move from one event to another according to their personalized schedule. Classroom presenters, stage shows and exhibitors set up in the morning and classes rotate through their presentations throughout the day.


This event is possible only because an incredible number of organizations volunteer time to pull it together. Volunteers who present classroom activities, set up hands-on exhibits in the exhibit hall, give stage performances, or volunteer to help with various other tasks the day of the Festival have allowed the Festival to achieve enormous success since 1994. Learn more about the history of the festival.


If you would like more specific information about participating in the Festival contact Patty Morgan at (503) 223-8633.