Exhibitor/Presenter Logistics

The Children’s Clean Water Festival is driven by the educational offerings of our partners who bring exciting classroom presentations and exhibits to the event. There are two ways to participate:


Classroom Presenters - Classroom presenters prepare a 25-minute class focused on topics such as water quality, fish habitat, wetlands, watersheds, storm water and water conservation. Students and their teachers are scheduled in classes throughout the day.


Exhibitors -  Children’s Clean Water Festival exhibitors bring their educational displays, hands-on activities, and water-related messages to a large hall to meet with students. The most popular exhibits are those that are colorful, fun, and interactive. It is a great time to answer eager students’ questions and explore with them their ideas about science and stewardship of water resources.


Post-Festival Networking Event -  After the Festival, join the other classroom presenters and exhibitors – who might be from a federal, state or local government agency, an environmental organization, or a consulting firm. Details to come.