Teacher Logistics

When – Tuesday March 8, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Where – The festival is at the University of Portland, 500 North Willamette Blvd.


Buses – Each class is responsible for arranging their own bus transportation to and from the festival. Festival organizers have some money available to help pay for transportation costs.


Schedule – Each class will have a customized schedule with a specific start time and lunch time. The customized schedule for your class will be sent to you a few weeks before the festival.


School Signs – Prior to the event, we will send you three pink signs for your class to use during the Festival. Prior to arriving at the Festival please place your signs:

  1. On the front window passenger side window of the bus so that it can be easily viewed from outside the bus. Use the copy of the sign that includes the note to the bus driver about parking.
  2. The other two pink signs can go on your lunch tubs.

Arrival – Your bus will follow the “Bus Unloading” signs to a parking lot near the Chiles Center. Your bus will pull up to unload and a festival representative will board the bus and welcome you to the festival. You will be checked-in and given your name tag, and introduced to your class guide for the day. Your class will exit the bus and follow the class guide to your first class.


Class Guides – In order to help the festival run smoothly and help classes move around the campus, the festival organizers recruit and train volunteers called class guides. Each teacher attending the festival will have an assigned class guide for the day. This class guide is responsible to assist your class with staying on schedule and finding classrooms. The class guide is not responsible for behavior management.


Parking – Your bus will be directed to park on-site near the Chiles Center.


Name Tags – Please have your students wear name tags with their name and school on them. Stick-on tags are fine. It is helpful for presenters to be able to call on students by name, and also helps to get lost children back to their groups promptly.


Lunch – Students, chaperones and teachers are expected to bring their own sack lunch to the Festival. Please place all sack lunches in your lunch tubs and attach a pink class name sign to EACH tub prior to arriving at the Festival. All lunches for one (and only one) class must be packed into a tub or box and must be clearly labeled with one of the pink signs provided. Please DO NOT pack lunches from other classes at your same school in your class’s tub. Two classes from one school may not have the same lunch schedule and so combining lunch bags creates a great deal of confusion.  Lunches will be dropped off as the students disembark from the bus and will be waiting for you in the Chiles Center at your scheduled lunch time.


Chaperones – We suggest a ratio of one chaperone to six students. You or your chaperones will be required to stay with your students at all times. If you have more chaperone volunteers than you need, we always need volunteers to make the festival work. Interested people can check out our volunteer opportunities.


Bathrooms – Students must be accompanied by one of your chaperones while in the bathrooms.


Attendance – Your class is expected to stay at the Festival for the entire time you are scheduled. Leaving early will jeopardize your school’s attending in the future.


Wait List – There is a list of schools that applied for the 2016 festival but did not get in. If you decide you cannot attend this year, please contact me immediately so we can accept schools on the waiting list.


Emergency – The Festival’s emergency telephone number is (503) 957-8661, and may be given out to parents and schools. Call this number if you are off schedule or will not be attending for any reason, your courtesy is appreciated.


Questions – Contact Patty Morgan (503) 223-8633. Day of questions or issues, call (503) 957-8661.