Exhibitor/Presenter FAQ

Q : What is the goal of the Children’s Clean Water Festival? 
To teach children that they are capable of having real, long-lasting, positive impacts on water resources, and to equip them with the information they need to do that in a fun and engaging way.
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Q : When and where does the Children’s Clean Water Festival take place? 
The Children’s Clean Water Festival will be held in Spring 2020. The time is tentatively set for 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The Festival is held at PCC Sylvania. Traffic in Portland can be very heavy, especially in the afternoon, so travel times may need to be adjusted for unexpected delays. The campus is essentially free of college students on the day of the Festival. The Festival is held in three buildings and on the lawn between the buildings. Every 25 minutes, class groups move from room to room and building to building according to their schedule.
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Q : How much does it cost to be an exhibitor? 
Nothing! The Festival is free for everyone: students, exhibitors and classroom presenters. Most exhibit needs are provided: tables, chairs, electricity and water.
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Q : My planned exhibit doesn’t fit on a table. What do I do? 
Not to worry. We can provide multiple tables if necessary. Some exhibits do not even fit inside the building! Next to the exhibit hall is a courtyard where we set up the really large exhibits (such as a well drilling rig and a boat used to locate and track fish). Chances are we can find a place for your exhibit, too!
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Q : Will my exhibit be secure if I set up the day before the Festival? 
Yes. Festival staff will be in the hall to watch the exhibits until the hall is locked that evening. If a part of your exhibit is especially valuable and you do not feel comfortable leaving it overnight, bring that part with you to the Festival early on the first day and set up that part of it then. While we’ve not experienced any theft or vandalism in the past, we encourage all exhibitors do what they feel is best in regard to their materials. The Festival cannot be responsible for vandalism or theft of property.
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Q : Can my colleagues or clients reach me at the Festival? 
As the next FAQ reveals, the Festival day is a busy time. Conducting business on a cell phone or payphone during the Festival is difficult and makes interacting with the students awkward. We encourage you to use your lunch break to check messages or make calls as necessary.
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Q : What is a typical day at the Festival for an exhibitor? 
Depending on the type of activity you have, you may find you get asked many questions, give a ton of demonstrations, or just get lots of kids started on an activity. Upon arrival there is a certain professional buzz in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors are putting the finishing touches on their activities. Festival staff are helping exhibitors, classroom presenters, and registration volunteers get ready for the arrival of students. Exhibitors may wander the exhibit hall to see what other exhibits are around. Once the Festival begins, approximately seven classrooms of students may be in the hall at one time. The students, along with their teachers and chaperones, begin to circulate among the exhibits. Be prepared to initiate conversation with kids who observe from a distance and just need an invitation to step into your exhibit. Students may ask questions or you may need to ask them questions. You can launch into a presentation, or let the students discover what your exhibit is about by questions and answers. More student groups may join you midway through the activity. Some groups may have limited time and move on, others may linger. It’s amazing how fast exhibitors catch on to the students’ interests and level of science knowledge. There may be lulls in the exhibit hall when one group of classes is leaving and another one enters.
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Q : What about breaks and lunch? 
Sure it is busy…and fun! We will have lunch breaks for everyone. The unattended exhibits will be safe while you enjoy a free lunch in the cafeteria or outside on the grass. Additional food may be purchased in the cafeteria. There may be no other scheduled breaks, but if there is more than one person from your organization at your exhibit, you may be able to take a break to visit the cafeteria, restroom, or other exhibits in the exhibit hall.
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Q : When is the Festival over and what is required before leaving? 
The Festival, as far as the students are concerned, ends at 1:30 p.m. At that time, exhibitors can dismantle their exhibits and load them into their vehicles. We ask that you clean your exhibitor space and complete an evaluation of your experience at the Festival before leaving. The evaluation helps us to improve the Festival and the assistance we give to exhibitors.
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Q : Whom do I contact if I have any additional questions? 
Patty Morgan, Pacific Agenda
PO Box 10142
Portland, OR 97296
Phone: (503) 223-8633
FAX: (503) 228-8681
E-mail: pmorgan@europa.com