Additional Resources for the Clean Water Festival

Here are resources for distance learning: videos, at-home activities, and more from the exhibitors and presenters of the Clean Water Festival.

The Water Cycle

Mystery Science: Video + activity: How much water is in the world?

Project WET Discover Water: Video+ online activities about how much water is in the world.

National Environmental Education Foundation: At home water cycle activity

Project WET Discover Water: video + online activities about the water cycle

US Geological Survey: Interactive water cycle diagram

NASA: The Sun and the Water Cycle online booklet

Watersheds & Drinking Water

Portland Water Bureau: At-home watershed model activity lead by Water Bureau educator.

Clean Water Services: Facebook Live River Rangers presentation on watersheds, water quality and cleaning used water.

Clark County: Links, maps, graphics to explore Clark County watersheds.

The Nature Conservancy -Nature Lab: Video-How Nature Makes Clean Water

Project WET Discover Water: video + online activities on watersheds

Project WET Discover Water: video + online activities about freshwater

The Nature Conservancy -Nature Lab: Video: Where does your water come from?

Water Quality

Oregon State University: Video- Willamette River Before the Clean Water Act (historical footage of the Willamette River.)

Scholastic Super Science: Video + student article- Innovative river clean up.

Johnson Creek Watershed Council: Video- water quality testing at Johnson Creek in Portland

The Nature Conservancy -Nature Lab: Video-Meet the Scientist: Judy Haner (restoration scientist)

Science Sparks: Homemade water filter experiment.

Water Conservation / Water Use

Regional Water Providers Consortium:  Water conservation activity and puzzle booklet

Project WET Discover Water:  video + online activities about water usage

Project WET Discover Water: video + online activities about water conservation

PBS Learning Media: Water Conservation: video + lesson plan on water conservation


PBS Learning Media: Video: Groundwater Beneath the Surface


Clean Water Services: Facebook Live River Rangers presentation cleaning used water.

Water Environment Services: Video: Video- Trash it, don’t flush it (what not to flush)


Oregon Public Broadcasting/EarthFix:  Video: Drained- Urban Stormwater Pollution (includes underwater video of a stormwater outfall)

The Nature Conservancy -Nature Lab:  Video of youth building a rain garden.

Salmon & Wildlife

Oregon Zoo: Videos of animals from Oregon Zoo plus at home activities

Outdoor School (OSU Extension): Nature Journaling, observation activities: animals, flowers, trees

Slough School: Online lessons on various topics (coyotes, riparian zones, habitats, etc.)

City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services: Narrated video of salmon spawning in Crystal Springs Creek, Portland.

The Nature Conservancy -Nature Lab:  Video: Salmon: Healthy Dinner, Healthy Forests

Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission: Salmon Activity Book

Yellowstone Park + Wolfways: Video: How wolves change rivers.

Scholastic Super Science: Video + student article: Sea otters in Pacific Ocean

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency: Video: Virtual deep sea dive with sea lions.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  Videos + at home activities

Project WET: Discover Water: video + online activities on oceans.

Recycling & Composting

National Environmental Education Foundation: Upcycle home activity.

SOLVE DIY Earth Month-Interactive map of Oregon, focus on litter, invasives, things we can do at home.

Metro: Video presentation- Worm composting

Additional Online Resources for Teachers

Lesson plans, posters, background information, and more

ODE Tribal History/Shared History-Native American curriculum across content areas.

The Nature Conservancy-Nature Lab- Lesson plans and resources aligned to The Nature Conservancy’s research and designed specifically for a young audience and classroom use.

Oregon Forest Resource Institute– Lesson plans, teacher resources; focus on forests

National Environmental Education Foundation: Background info on watershed basics

The Groundwater Foundation– Lesson plans, videos, activities, quizzes

US Geological Survey– Background information on water cycle, properties of water, online quizzes, posters

National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration– Freshwater education resources